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About Me

Hi, my name is Dr Vanita, I am a therapist and I have a PhD in Psychology. I completed my therapy training in 2012 and have been practising therapy since. With 10 years of experience along with my research supporting my practice I can offer a therapeutic service that is tailored to your needs.

I have worked on issues that involve significant life changes including: changing schools/areas, marriage, having a baby, bereavement/loss, breakdown of relationships, etc. Other areas of expertise include working with anxiety, panic, stress, low mood, depression, building resilience and preparing for significant changes.

I am focused on delivering a professional, empathic and proactive service with a strong belief in confidentiality and respectfulness in a non-judgemental and safe environment. 


My Experience


University of Leicester PhD Psychology 

Keele University MSc Counselling Psychology

Keele University BSc (hons) Psychology and Philosophy

Post doctoral teaching associate, Royal Holloway University

Associate Tutor, University of Leicester

Research Assistant, University of Leicester


Second victim peer support training - September 2016
Second victim peer support follow-up training - April 2017
Building resilience within public sector organisations - October 2016


Conceptualisation and prevalence of work-related stress in genetic counsellors: a systematic review [editing phase]
Work stress of genetic counsellors: A qualitative study exploring the impact of work on the genetic counsellor [editing phase]
Second Victim Support Unit Scoping Project
Second victimhood. How staff understand their involvement in an adverse clinical event and perceived organisational support [editing phase]


BPS Graduate
Telephone counselling training
Online counselling training
Critical incident at work training

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