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How do you handle stress?

Considering it is something everyone experiences on a daily basis, it can occur in a number of different ways.


Stress can be positive such as starting a new job, buying a new home, marriage, having a child etc. These types of stresses can act as motivation and energize (whilst I’m a huge fan of organisation and preplanning now, leaving deadlines to the last minute was often the main motivation to complete my assignments at uni). Your reaction to these types of stresses largely depends on your resilience (comment/message if you would like to know more about resilience!)


On the other hand, stress can have detrimental impacts. It can occur in various ways whether it is internally (feeling overwhelmed, feeling like there’s lots to do) or externally (deadlines, bad Wi-Fi (emoji)). It can be acute like a traffic jam, an argument, giving a speech. Or chronic such as experiencing a loss, loneliness, ongoing problems. We all react to these various types of stress in our own way, which is why it is important to listen to your body!

As you can see I’m a big fan of metaphors, imagine holding a glass of water, if you were to hold it for a few minutes it feels fine, holding it for half an hour you start to feel it in your arm, for an hour your arm starts begins to shake or feels numb. The weight of the water hasn’t changed, but the longer it’s held, the heavier it feels. The obvious thing to do here is to put the water down right? This works in the same way for our stresses, whether it’s continuous or a one off it is incredibly important to ‘put it down’ and give yourself a break every so often. There are so many pages which give some brilliant ways in which you can build on your resilience in the form of #selfcare

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